LG Optimus Elite Force Closing [PLEASE HELP]

Meghan Lattimore

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Dec 25, 2012
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Hey everyone, never used this site before, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place.
Anyways, I recently have had a problem with my LG Optimus Elite from Virgin Mobile
I bought it off of eBay from a good seller, bought from him before and no problems.
So I had it for about a month and it was perfectly fine and I loved it, then one day I put it down on my desk to do my homework and when I picked it up, I had to close out numerous force close messages.
It was mostly Google stuff that had stopped working
I didn't download anything recent previous to this happening. In the notification bar there is also a thing that says Activate Now. I can't use anything such as phone/text/email
and I can't turn on my background data to download apps.
There is also no option to factory reset which is odd but I already took everything off my SD card.
I really really liked this phone and I am looking for any help! Thank you :confused:

Johnny Sparks

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Dec 31, 2012
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I accidentally touched hot spot feature on an app i downloaded, i called virgin they gave me to a tech who walked me through a factory reboot i had to use another phone while he gave me a bunch of codes and numbers it worked and never had a problem after that except for apps with bugs when i updated them,btw I'm still stock cuz i don't know how to root my pho ne and flash new roms yet.hoping someone will call me and walk me through it O:) hope they will help u just hit up virgin mobile.
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