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lines with touch, weird graph and red rim that flashes when using touchscreen


AC Question

I am having weird issues with my phone. There is a graph along the top, and the graph has a white box around each term: Po/1, dx -1.0,dv 1.0, xv 0.0, Yv0.0, and then in two red boxes one says prs 1.0 and the second says size 3.32 When I scroll around with the touch a circle is formed under my finger and a line is drawn wherever I move. Any time I actually click a red frame is formed around the screen that blinks. It's a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo phone that is less than a month old. Any ideas if this is something I turned on or if something is wrong with my phone and what i can do about this?
Thanks a mil!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! One of the Developer Options probably got turned on for some reason. Go to Settings>Developer Options, and just turn them off (there should be a switch at the top). If you see any of the options selected there, you could uncheck them first.