[LINUX TOOLKIT] PInstalltools v1.6.32


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Oct 10, 2011
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Hey guys, I've been a longtime member here and haven't realy contributed anything.
So here is my first project, it is a Linux toolkit that runs on Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint as well as other .deb compatible distros, I do not have a .rpm compatible version up yet as I am still trying to perfect this version, but you guys can expect one in a few weeks.
As per the standard disclaimer: I have personally tested all of these scripts/tweaks, the majority of which I wrote. But as usual, you take the risk and accept the responsibilty of running/installing them. So I cannot be held responsible if your computer turns into butter and melts away.
If you have any issues running the script or with the script itself please contact me via PM, do not post in this thread.


  • Automatic system file backup on menu start, and file restore.
  • Full root/regular user detection.
  • Appendix to describe tweaks/mods/scripts.
  • Install prelink/preload (as well as turn them on).
  • Set Swappiness from default 60 to 10 or 1 depending on amount of ram.
  • Various Scripts, most of which I wrote, some that I borrowed.
  • Swappiness Script for non servers
  • Apt autoclean script
  • Gnome Shell Menu fix (makes menus open instantly).
  • fixplymouth script, to fix plymouth screen res (fixes boot screen res)
  • Network Tweak script + (Backup and Restore core network files)
    • Optimizes Common TCP settings
    • Adds linux ad blocking hosts file
    • Optimizes metrics and backlog settings to speed ipv4
    • TCP Windows Scaling tweaks
  • Option to Install smxi script package suite (Installs and updates video drivers, kernels, and distro - doesn't install distros, just updates them)
  • Option to install various applications and games.
  • Option to install/remove packages.
  • Option to install Java and have it automatically update.
  • Power Options Menu(Logoff, reboot (x and system), hibernate, suspend, hibernate/suspend, and shutdown).
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Ability to force log out users.
  • Option to install various server specific scripts/tweaks.
  • Option to enable server specific kernel option/modules.
  • Ad blocking hosts file (same as above).
  • Server specific network tweaks
  • Option to install/remove packages.
  • Option to install Java and have it automatically update
  • Power Options Menu (Logoff, reboot (x and system), hibernate, suspend, hibernate/suspend), and shutdown).
  • More to come...

  • Possibly develop an actual application interface - Currently in progress w/glade
  • Include more stable system tweaks - Currently Working on it
  • Possibly give option to disable IPV6 to speed network, if user doesn't need it.
  • Any community suggestions?

-Download link-

-1.5.01 Menu Fix (Will keep this up until next release, then will be pushed to bug fixes branch on git).-
Replace the menu script included in this version with this one, it fixes my lazy programming ;)

in terminal
cd to the directory the menu script is in (pinstalltools).
sudo sh menu

[SOURCE - Located on github]

  • D0rkye - fixplymouth script
  • MVPS.org - For the hosts file.
  • smxi.org - For thier smxi script package.

If there are any other features, you guys want let me know and I will try to add them. I have lots of experience with android scripting and themeing as well, so if you have any questions there I will gladly help you. Just dont ask me anything about building android source - I can't sync it.
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Oct 10, 2011
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Re: [LINUX TOOLKIT] PInstalltools v1.2.3

  • Version 1.6.32
  • Automatic stock file backup at menu start + restore option, also added root/regular user detection.
  • Added Appendix to describe tweaks/mods. (90% Complete, just have to finish network tweaks description).
  • Delete old file checking system from server side.
  • Ability to force log out users from a server.
  • Updated readme.
  • Updated license file.
  • Version 1.6.03
  • Fixed those pesky syntax errors
  • Reboot menu now working 100%
  • Updated the way the menu script checks for its dependencies
  • Rewrote network tweaks script + added backup and restore feature to it
  • Version 1.5.01
  • Added ability to remove packages
  • Refined some menus
  • Added fully working java install script
  • Added firefox beta/nightly install script
  • Some other stuff I forgot to remember... (Sorry wanted to make this worth updating this time)
  • Version 1.3.72
  • Big changes here...
  • Ability to choose between server and pc tweaks.
  • Introduced Server Menu w/server specific tweaks.
  • Added kernel tweaks for servers.
  • Fixed swapfix script to set swap permanently.
  • Now have the option to install apps/games directly from the main menu (As long as they are in the repos).
  • Some other minor stuff I cant remember...
  • Version 1.2.3
  • - Option to install various apps, as well as your own.
  • - Option to Install smxi (Tested and working on Mint Main and Debian Editions.
  • - Prepare for server integration into the menu script.
  • - Fixed some bugs in several scripts.
  • Version 1.2.0
  • Added several new scripts
  • chkinstdir
  • fixplymouth
  • inspre
  • menufix
  • networktweaks
  • swapfix
  • - added ad blocking hosts file
  • - updated menu script to accomadate new menus + functions
  • Version 1.1.0
  • - Converted main script into menu format.
  • - Created scripts folder and moved chex and autoclean to scripts folder.
  • - Updated readme.md
  • Version 1.0.0
  • - Initial Release
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Oct 10, 2011
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Re: [LINUX TOOLKIT] PInstalltools v1.2.3


Q1: Why don't the suspend options in the reboot menu work?!
A1: I need to know what hardware you are running in order to make it work,as they are dependent upon hardware. Please type
inxi -GMC
in terminal and either pm me the results or add it to the projects github, if you know how.

Q2: I get an error when starting the menu script?! ex. Syntax, Newline, etc...
A2: In truth this is from me being lazy, and doing this often late at night. These errors don't impede the program at all, they are often very easily fixed, and anyone with technical knowledge to read them can fix the error themselves. Until then, they will be fixed in the next release.

Q3: When I execute parts of the script, I get permission denied?!
A3: This is because you did not execute the script as root. You either need to be root user
or root permissions
sudo sh menu
in terminal.

Q4: After question 3, I still get permission denied?!
A4: Well this means that the scripts are not executable. Don't worry as it is very easy to make them executable, and you only need to do the menu, as running as root or with root perms will make the dependencies executable. Simply cd to the pinstalltools directory and type
chmod u+x menu
, and it will be made executable.

Q5: When opening the menu script, it screams at me and tells me I am missing a directory.
A5: Good, that means that my dependency checking system works as expected. This means that you are missing dependencies needed for the menu script to work correctly, probably the results of bad packets sent over your network. Just re-download it either from this thread or from the projects master github branch, and make sure all the directories are there.

Q6: Help when choosing one of the options in the menu, it either closes the menu or it just stays at the menu.
Q6: Well, this isn't good, you found a bug in on of my scripts! You can either pm me here with full details as to what you were trying to do or you can submit the bug to the projects github page, if you know how to. I will provide a temporary fix for it until the next release.

Q6: When opening the menu script, terminal it tells me "menu, No such file or directory found".
A6: You are not in the root directory of the pinstalltools toolkit, please make sure your terminal says something like this "user@system - /directory/to/pinstalltools" before executing the menu script.
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