Llama vs Tasker vs IF(IFTTT) vs something else???


Sep 5, 2011
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a recommendation to automate some functions on my phone. I've used IF some, but I would like to set up one trigger with more than one action and I don't think IF can do that. For example, when I get to work, I would like my phone to automatically turn off my WiFi and set my volume to vibrate. I have 2 seperate triggers in IF to make this happen, a third to turn my ringer back on, and one more that turns my WiFi back on when I get home. Can I do this in Llama or Tasker? Is there another option I am not aware of that would work better? Will any of them toggle a setting when you enter or leave a specific area - so I can have my ringer change when I get to to work and change when I leave?

Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations! I've gotten some great info from the forums here, and the old forums for the Palm and Pre devices.


Jul 14, 2011
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AC 'darling' is Tasker, but to really use its full potential, some actions require root (but if you're doing it currently with IFTTT, then I'm guessing you're either already rooted or the functions you're looking for don't need it).

Besides the ones you mention there's also Microsoft's On{x}. You can try that one too.

James H4

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May 26, 2016
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I know this is a slightly old thread, but in case it is still of use... Llama is an absolutely brilliant app, and will do everything you need and more, but it seems that it is no longer being maintained. I can get it to run on several of my family's android phones, but on one it won't detect masts (ironically, one with neither the oldest, nor the newest, Android version - from the comments, it seems this is a common complaint on newer phones). So if it works on yours, I strongly recommend it. If it doesn't, the closest equivalent I found is MyProfiles. The free version only lets you set 2 rules before paying (and has adverts). I've been trying it for a while, and it mostly works, but seems to me to be slightly less reliable than Llama. I might get around to paying for it soon, but only if I cannot get Llama to work on this particular phone - I'm still hoping it will suddenly start working!
I've also tried all the others mentioned in this threat (plus others) and still revert to Llama every time - for its mixture of abilities and ease-of-use (Tasker has a very steep learning curve, On(x) more so). If the developer of Llama ever reads this - I'd very happily pay for the Llama app if you get it going again for later versions of android!!