Looking for a phone (current one dying)


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Jan 25, 2014
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Evening all, currently I have an LG G3 which I've loved since release.

Unfortunately what just started happening today is the screen will slowly and randomly get darker as if I turned it off, happened to the original till I got this replacement. Pixel issue that can only be fixed by replacing the phone itself from all I've read from those that have had the same issue.

Was planning on holding on to it till a well received update like maybe the G6 would be released but still 2 months away.

Not sure I want to spend another $100 - $130 for a few months until that comes out and the Pixel XL would be my other option.

How is it holding up those that have had it for a while? Feel like I'll miss not having the removable battery which I love.

Also, what insurance plan gives great value? Had Best Buy's Geek Squad but thinking about switching to SquareTrade

Thank you in advance!
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Mar 6, 2012
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Hi! I'm sorry your G3 is dying! My G3 recently stopped performing well, too, and so I had to jump to get a new phone.

Though I have not owned a Pixel device, I've heard wonderful things about it. It's fast, beautiful, and it gets the job done. And it's as close to stock Android as you can get. Basically, I give it a bit recommendation because of its association, in a way, with the Nexus line.

However, I'd still recommend going to your local Best Buy or store to fiddle around with one. I got the chance to play with one last Friday - it was fun!

With regards to insurance policies, I'm not the best person to recommend anything! Hopefully another user more well versed on this than I will comment soon.

Good luck, and please let us know what you decide!

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