Looking for an app or collection of app to restrict internet usage.


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Jan 28, 2017
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I am looking for an app (or a set of apps) that can do the following:

1. restrict access to internet/wifi and to my phone between the times of 9 to 4 am (with strong password)

2. restrict access to adult/certain website categories all the time (with strong password)

3. restrict access to certain apps (google play) to only use wifi data, certain apps (myfitnesspal, linkedin) to use only mobile data (with strong password)

4. generally block certain apps (linkedin, myfitnesspal) and manually turn them on when necessary (with strong password)

5. an app that can block all videos (youtube, vimeo etc) and images (imgur etc) on all apps (with strong password)

6. A reliable app blocker that can use a strong password to block opening of the above apps (I think while in the best case scenario, the above apps will allow strong passwords, there might be cases where there are no apps available that allow strong passwords. So I am hoping to find a appblocker that can just block modification of the apps 1-5 with a strong password).

I can explain the reasoning behind why I am doing what I am doing, but its going to be pretty long. So please let me know any app/collection of apps that can do 1-6.

If you really insist, I can go into the reasoning.. but I hope you are ready to read a book length post:)
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