Looking for benchmarks: Android Studio paravirtualisation/API-redirection

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Does anyone know of any source at all of benchmarks looking at shared-graphics/API-redirect in Android-Studio
Specifically, looking at; max. number of active guests supported while maintaining host system responsiveness, lowest overall power consumption, well supported graphics tech., hardware availability if possible.
If not, are there any sites/channels you would point to as possibly being interested in doing this accross a wide range of hardware generations?

(My core problem is in building a system [Ubuntu-Desktop-22.04] that can function primarily as an Android-Studio devstation/build-server. My current main devstation [SandyBridge: e3-1235} is completely unusable w/ more than 2-3 active clients taxing the igpu, & my laptop [IceLake: 1035g1] can’t handle more than 1 w/o turning into a leafblower.
So primarily; is there a low power graphics card that solves this problem? Would making the jump to a Ryzen APU do it?
If anyone has access to hardware that they think can fulfill this requirement, & can do some testing, that would be most appreciated.
I hope that made sense.
Thank you!)

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