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Looking for some help with manual camera mode on LG G5


AC Question

Hi all,

I've had my LG G5 for about 7-8 months now and i'm doing fine with it, one of the reasons i bought it was because of the manual camera mode and the ability to chase shutter speed and manual focus, the problem is that when i increase the shutter speed, the camera automatically enables the AE-L feature and cancels the shutter speed settings.

is there any way to override the automatic AE-L feature? how do others get around this?



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Aug 5, 2015
The auto-exposure lock (AE-L) when turned on will prevent the camera from adjusting the exposure on you.

In manual exposure mode, AE-L is automatically turned on so that your manual adjustments always take priority over what the camera wants. This is a good thing.

If you turn off the AE-L when in manual exposure mode, the camera will reset all the settings back to what the camera thinks is a good exposure.
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