Lost calendar events and data usage


Dec 17, 2012
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Hi Everyone, I search everywhere and couldnt find an answer for this. So here goes.


I was syncing and unsyncing with my samsung to google calendars, then the next day I checked, I realized all my events disappeared.
I did not erase anything yet all my events were gone.

I did notice that something was occurring during the period that I lost my data.
I saw that my default Samsung browser on my smart phone went on a refresh loop on google home page. This was an issue on googles end and was resolved eventually.
This was one of google's problems. There would be an issue with google recognizing me logging on the google home page and gmail. This lasted for a week. I wonder if that caused my data to disappear?

There are a few links below describing what happened. I'm wondering if this is an issue with Google, samsung+google, or syncing in general.
if I can recover my lost events that would be great!

It seems like a lot of them has to do with smartphones syncing, which is what I did. Even if there isn?t a solution or a recovery for this, it would be great to at least get an understanding as to why this happened (so i can avoid it in the future). I am currently storing everything local to my phone and havne?t experienced any loss of information. It?s quite disconcerting that if I did use google calendars, at any moment, all my events can go missing.



My data usage resets either randomly (before the cycles) or there is a delay on applying cycles? My data usage basically self erased leaving the charts to show nothing and the apps still ahve the data used.

I realized that the data was still there until I started to sync with my TiBu to dropbox/google drive. Then my data went to 0 on the charts.
I was still able to see the data used per app, but nothing shows on the charts.
Although it may not be accurate I use this feature a lot. I would just like to know what makes it reset on its own?
My cycle is on the 2nd of each month and I lost it on the 15th.

Another issue is the vertical lines that shows you data used on each time period. I would like it to default to my cycle (so i dont have to readjust everytime) Does anyone know how to do this?

Thinking back.......I think I did have my cycle set as the 15th, but that was changed a long time ago.
Could it be possible that the change only takes effect after the cycle is complete?
For example
Jan 1, 2000. I set my cycle to the 10th of every month.
Jan 2, 2000 I change it to 25th of every month.

I think it will still reset on the 10th?

Thanks everyone!!!

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