Mac users needed to refine clockwork without Odin method


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Oct 21, 2010
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We have had quite a bit of users looking to update to EB01 but its a little more difficult with a Mac, i would like to work with someone to make this easier and up to date. So please pm me if you are willing to spend some time working with me on this project...

Ideal person would have evening and late nights free and also either have their macs bootcamped with windows or someone who also has a PC at their disposal.The reason i would want you to have these available is just incase we run into a problem , it will be easy to just flash the recovery.bin and just recover from any problems.

Obviously this must be someone who is comfortable bricking their phone. Im sure you are asking Who would be comfortable bricking their phone, well alot of us lol we know that its very hard to permanently brick your phone. So if you are not one of the brave few, please dont respond to this.

Please PM me if you are up for this project and we will set up a time to work together.

Thank you in advance