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May 24, 2012
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Savvy is an official application from Magna Publications
Savvy, India’s leading women’s magazine, dares to be different
It has been instrumental in making women all over India aware of not just their rights, but their potential too in all spheres of life. A contemporary and thinking woman’s guide to stay on top. Success stories about women achievers, beauty, style, relationships, career, men, sex and more. Savvy provides the complete gamut of information that a today's woman needs.

Stardust Magazine app :

Stardust Magazine Gupshups, News, Awards,Celebrity wallpaper now available here
The world’s largest selling/read & most popular Indian film Magazine content. Stardust uncovers the latest, most topical happenings about the glamorous movie stars of an industry that churns out the largest no of films each year.. Star interviews, dazzling photographs, off-screen news, best stories, scoops, most reluctant revelations…. Stardust has it all.
Enjoy news, gossips, stories, articles updated regularly, download exclusive stardust celebrity wallpapers free of cost, which has been updated very frequently.

Health and Nutrition :

Wellness, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.
Health & Nutrition, an application targeted primarily at global audience provides the reader with the motivation as well as information. An application that promotes the concept of the healthy lifestyle and inspires you to discover the joys of healthy living. The editorial of Health & Nutrition gives the readers information that is authoritative in language, non-technical and clear with an objective to enable the reader to cultivate a health conscious-lifestyle and take the reins of his health and well-being in his own hands.
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