Mails only received on Nexus 7 (gmail)

Nov 4, 2012
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Hi there!

I have a semi-serious problem with the gmail-Client on my 7. (I'm pretty new to android, so please be patient :) )
Several months ago, I set my gmail account up with an alias-adress. These Alias is my work-email adress. I did that to have everywhere access to my mail, even if I'm not on my own laptop.
Now that I've got a N7 for christmas (thanks santa hehe :) ) of course I did sync Gmail with the device. Everything fine so far.
But during the holidays I didn't receive any work-mails, so no problem until the past few days.

Since yesterday I've noticed, that I received several mails on the N7, adressed to my work-mail. I wanted to check them on the Laptop (because of the attachments), but I didn't receive any..
It seems that Gmail is deleting the Mails, once they are downloaded to the N7. Checked for something like "leave on server" or "don't delete mails" in the settings, but I wasn't lucky.
Are there any settings I'm missing? Or is it a setting in web-gmail, but not the android-client?

Hope you can help me and many thanks in advance!



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Oct 18, 2012
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I don't think you have access to the settings via the gmail app on the N7. I found the "leave copy on server" in the settings via chrome. Settings (button)> Accounts and Import (tab). Under "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)", click "edit info"....