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Malware pretending to be Play Store

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Essentially i woke up to a notification from my antivirus saying i have several viruses on my device, i was able to get rid of all of them but one, and it's pretending to be the play store making it impossible to uninstall. Resetting cache and data, or resetting to factory version does not seem to get rid of the damn app either. I've had this exact issue several years ago on another device, and i was only able to get rid of that by rooting which isn't an option here. The infected device is my phone, in which i store basically everything so i do not know how safe it is to use it whilst infected. Any help is massively appreciated.


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Feb 6, 2017
I would delete that antivirus , its probably has administrator privilege, go to settings and type those words in search bar Device administrator and check if its there and deactivate it and then uninstall