Manufacturer's Defect?... Sorry It's Your Problem!


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Feb 1, 2010
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This is a good one! I noticed the other day that the clear plastic camera lens cover fell off my battery cover. I found it... so not an issue. But, I wanted to see how to get a replacement cover since the phone is still under warranty, and I have insurance. I called T-Mobile and got a major runaround. I was told that I could return the phone under my insurance plan for the $199 deductible, but would have to contact the insurance company directly? or, I could call LG directly and hash it out with them. T-Mobile evidentially does not stand behind manufacturer?s defects. So I called LG and of course they refused to do anything because (and I quote) ?There have not been any manufacturers recalls on this specific part so the consumer is responsible for any replacements due to defects?. I found this very hard to believe, but didn?t want to get into any extended arguments with LG or T-Mobile? so I went ahead and purchased a new battery cover directly from LG. The guy on the phone waived any tax and shipping? so I am out $20. Not a big deal, but it points out how we as consumers can?t in any way shape or form count on either T-Mobile or the phone manufacturer standing by their products. Basically, if it breaks due to a manufacturer defect, it is your problem so be ready to pull out your wallet!

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