Marshmallow Killed my Note 4 - (Reboot and NO boot cycles)


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I have gone to 50 web pages, tried 20 solutions, Cleared cache, did factory reset (5 times) Tried flashing back to HIGHLY PREFERRED 5.1.1 from 6.0.1 Odin always Fails even though my phone is seen: see image

But Odin is explained so poorly, (in so many places) I have no way but dangerous trial and error to even know which of the four "boxes" to load my Md5 binary into, or if I should be downloading more than one? I hate this. I am an Artist, an App designer, I create Virtual Worlds, this is the Death of Art and creativity. I miss working on canvas on days like these. PLEASE HELP, I DESPERATELY NEED MY NOTE 4.


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Jan 26, 2013
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According to the MD5 file in the photo and Sammobile, you've loaded Kitkat into Odin, NOT Lollipop. Also, the firmware is for a Sprint cdma phone... you do have a Sprint phone, correct? You don't mention it, so there's no way to tell.

I'm on Verizon, so I don't normally follow what's going on with other carriers locking their bootloaders. On VZW, they locked the bootloader when they upgraded the OS from KK to LP (not initially, but with a higher version). Its very likely they locked the bootloader with Sprint also, which means you can't revert from MM to KK. Like I said I don't follow other carriers, so maybe they didn't lock it... I have no idea. You might however, be able to revert MM to LP... even with the MM bootloader, like you can on the VZW Note 4... I've done it.

First off, you need to give information about what carrier you're on, the full model number of your phone (ex.. sm-n910v (verizon Note 4), and the full baseband version of your OS. I know it's MM, but what version? There can be no guessing about this. As for ODIN, there's no mystery about what boxes to check if you follow Youmobiles tutorial. There's also a tutorial on AC, but I can't remember the link. I can't promise that anyone can help you, but if you supply the info, we can help you investigate.

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