May have accidentally deleted a file, but don't know what it is

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(Galaxy S8 unlocked purchased from BestBuy, android 8.0.0, Samsung experience 9.0) No carrier assigned from stock as was a clean unlocked new phone. Using T-Mobile sim now.

Had the phone connected to my computer via usb. Copied my itunes music into the "music" folder on the phone. After completed I noticed some duplicate copies of some songs had shown up for some reason, so I was in the music folder deleting the duplicates.

Process while in the Music folder was to open each artist sub folder, then the album sub folder, right click on the duplicates and then go down to delete and agree on the pop up box. Then hit the back button whatever quantity of times needed to get back to the main Music folder list.

Got a little too comfortable and quick doing this and think I hit back too many times and highlighted and deleted a folder in the main section while being distracted by other things going on around me. I'm unsure if I did though. Just ended up looking at the main listing of folders on the phone after doing a delete thinking "what did I just do?"

So, been searching trying to find a list of folders I should have on the phone to see what it could have been. No luck anywhere yet. Not noticing any issues with use of the phone as yet thankfully. Just wondering if someone can help?

When I plug the phone into the computer via USB I get two choices. SD card and Phone.

Under "Phone" I have the following folders:

My Documents

Anyone see a folder I am missing?


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you were in the Music folder, it would make sense that anything you deleted would have been in the Music folder, so nothing above that (which is the list you're showing us) would have been affected. For instance, from the Music folder, you couldn't delete the Ringtones folder.

You'd have to compare what's in the Music folder with what's in the Music folder in the computer.


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Jan 10, 2019
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Hi, Thanks for the reply Rukbat. Sorry for the delay. Had to create and account to get a reply box from what I could see.

What happened was that I was going along just fine within the Music folder. When I hit back after deleting a song I'd usually have to hit back twice in order to get back to the main area within the Music folder so that I could select the next artist to check for duplicate songs. This time though, I had the usual pop up to confirm delete, I clicked yes to confirm and then realized that I was looking at the main list of folders as I typed above. In other words, I'd hit back too many times and was back in the main folder list for everything on the phone. I, unfortunately, had got into a rhythm of doing the operations so I was going too quickly and distracted at the same time so when I ended up staring at the main folder list I immediately wondered if I'd accidentally clicked on a main folder and deleted it in my, by then, automatic delete process. Stupid for sure.

The way the main folder was showing on the screen, if I did delete something, I have the feeling it was something around the Music folder. The only thing I found even close trying to research on line was a listing for a different version (6.0.1) that had a partial picture of the same file area. In that there was a "Movie" folder that I don't have, but don't know if it had it to start with. Only just got the phone and getting everything set up how I want.

Anyway, sorry for not being clear where I was and again, thanks for posting and trying to help. I do appreciate it.