MediaBox Launcher has stopped??

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So last night before turning off my device (mxq pro 4k) it gave me an option to reboot. I chose not to and to turn off. Well it did it anyways and now I can't use anything on my box (except settings and Google Play). Everytime I click on something a message pops up saying "mediabox launcher has stopped"
How do I get my launcher to work again?! I still have all my apps installed but none of them are displayed under the "my apps" icon on home screen.
Please help!!!
Thank you

Ps, how to reply to answers, because I posted this question already, someone responded but I couldn't answer I put the box version in this new question.
Apr 6, 2018
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Hey, have you deleted any app which is on the main home page of your box? If yes, then this is the reason mediabox unable to respond and giving error when you are trying to navigate the home page. To fix this issue reinstall that app from the play store and then clear data of the mediabox launcher from the apps setting (don't force close it) restart your device or you can install other launchers like nova launcher. Once you install nova launcher you will be able to use other app. After that you can try to fix your Media Box launcher.
If above mention method doesn't work then try to reset your cell Phone that might fix your phone.