Meenova MicroSD Card Reader for Android


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Jul 7, 2011
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I got an LG G2 about a month or so ago and LOVE it but like many of the new phone, it has scrapped supporting internal MicroSD cards since Google doesn't officially support Apps to SD anymore. Although I've been using a GNEX and haven't had a MicroSD for a while, I have missed the convenience of adding it and having it to back up to and upload videos to. I looked at other phones and considered them but still liked the G2 so I got it. Even though it lists as 32GB, we all know that isn't accurate since so much space is taken up with bloatware and system. So, anyway, I saw an article on here and other Android sites about the Meenova MicroSD reader and decided to give it a shot.

AWESOME accessory. Works directly out of the box without having to do anything but plug in the card and plug it in. It's super small, so it's not dangling too far off the phone when it's hooked up. It's FAST. No lag. It loads up as fast as if it were internal memory (as long as the card is fast). I tried it with a Class 10 32GB that I had in my old T-bolt and videos loaded instantly and music played fine. It's REALLY a great accessory to have to put things on that you don't need on your phone all the time. Also a GREAT accessory to do phone back-ups to without getting a cloud service or taking up space on the internal memory. At $15 shipped, it's a STEAL of a bargain!

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