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Dec 4, 2012
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Meet the Ambassadors of Android Central

At any given moment, Android Central is viewed by thousands upon thousands of members and guests. These people come looking for help, sharing knowledge about a particular device, and do research into a future candidate. Guests often receive such wonderful help, they register to say thanks to the user.

The Ambassador Team are volunteers who represent Android Central with experience, knowledge, and a willingness to share. The Ambassadors make it a goal for everyone to have a great experience with the site, ranging from giving a warm welcome when they make their first post, to pointing them in the right direction for a problem.

The following posts are bits of background of the Ambassadors, showing another dimension of our personalities. As for what an Ambassador is and does, the following touches on what we do:

Some goals/tasks of an Ambassador

  • Welcoming new members to the community
  • Responding to unanswered questions & provide direction or solutions.
  • Writing informative guides & tutorials
  • Ongoing support & participation in various devices and areas within the forums.
  • Respect for the community and its members.

How are Ambassadors selected?

  • Android Central Ambassador Team Leader
  • Android Central Moderators identify any outstanding members who may be a good fit for the program
  • Sometimes we even explore members who ask or offer to join the program :)

Android Central Ambassador Staff

Ambassador Team Leaders

Android Central RETIRED Ambassadors

Below are names of great ex-Ambassadors that volunteered their time and knowledge. Even though they may no longer wear the badge of an Ambassador, we would still like to recognize their contributions to the community. Big thanks to them!

  • VW Maverick
  • LeoRex (now a Moderator)
  • modifier
  • jasonandrews25788
  • AlphaTango
  • the tall guy
  • tourbound129
  • Kelly Kearns
  • H3aTeRzz
  • itguyjax8430 (now a Moderator)
  • OceanView
  • Teejai80
  • sydneycooper1979 (now a moderator)
  • UJ95x
  • Raptor007
  • xocomaox
  • wizzrah
  • srkmagnus (now a Retired Moderator)
  • mumfoau
  • ffejjj
  • VDub2174 (now a Moderator)
  • Haalcyon
  • Eclipse2K
  • EvilMonkey
  • Aquila (now a retired Moderator Team Leader)
  • Scott Kenyon
  • 2defmouze
  • DroidXcon
  • creccaj1
  • Jaquarr40
  • meyerweb
  • dmmarck (now a retired Moderator)
  • SkunkApe60
  • zero neck
  • PVilleComp
  • Paul627g (now a retired Moderator Team Leader)
  • JayWill72
  • Devinator
  • Kevin O'Quinn (now a retired Moderator Team Leader)
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Jul 14, 2011
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Re: [DRAFT] Public Ambassador Introductions

Hello friends!

My name is Nick (OK, not my real name, but we'll get to that), but my friends call me Spook, and I got recruited to the Secret Order of the Android Central Ambassadors in July 2014. We're very jealous about the secrecy thing, so don't tell anyone, alrighty?

I used to live in Mexico, but have now moved to Carlsbad, California. I've always loved all things that go 'beep' in the night as my parents can attest. The moment I came face to face with a computer, I was hooked. Naturally, I pursued a career that had to do with just that, getting a degree in Electronics and a Master in Robotics. That Skynet thing you saw on Terminator? I was building that. But for the sake of humanity, life put me on a different path and now I design, build, and establish processes for building golf clubs.

But my love for Electronics never died, and I'm the kind of guy friends go to for advice on gadgets, tech, and computer stuff. And I love it! I've always loved being able to help people, which incidentally, fits perfectly with the AC Ambassador profile. So, if there's anything I can help with, I will certainly try to do so.

As for the Mobile scene and because I love Android, I'm currently rocking a Galaxy Note 3 as my daily Driver, a Galaxy Note 10.1 as my trusty tablet and note-taking gizmo, and I also own an iPhone for work and an iPod for music.

So here I am, at your service and at the service of the AC Ambassador Team. The Secret one.

Still reading this far? Great! Now you'll know the secret of my real name: It's Israel. So why Nick? Apparently, I don't look like an Israel and have the face of a Nick, or at least that's what the guy who introduced me to my group on my first day of College thought, because he told everyone my name was Nick, and it stuck. My nickname, however, dates back to my early days of High School, where word got out that I was a fan of The X-Files, and since the main character was called Fox "Spooky" Mulder, they started calling me Spooky, but ended up dropping the 'y'.
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Dec 4, 2012
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Hi, I'm Joe....And I am a tech junkie...

Well, where to begin, other than the beginning? For starters, I joined Android in late November of 2011, starting off with a Sprint Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch (always a mouthful), coming from a Sanyo Innuendo. I learned how to root the device in under three months, with the first two just spent learning how to work Android. Then, the following October I picked up a Galaxy S3, and during that time I also acquired a Galaxy Tab 2. I then shifted to a 2013 Moto X, and a Nexus 5. I have been carrying a Pixel since it's inception.

I work as a Data Technician, and have been going to school for web and software development. My job involves a lot of SQL coding and I love it.

My hobbies/interests are golf (my score card would argue that it is a hobby), fishing, cooking, bowling, and building PCs.

As I recall, my first stumbling onto this site was a Google result for upcoming news on a device. I honestly can't remember which device, as I was prowling the forums when I had my S2, at the time not really participating, just reading the news. In fact, I think the first question I answered dealt with an S2. History from then on.

I am very glad to be here. I am surprised at being asked to be an Ambassador so quickly, I was just having fun....

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Oct 8, 2012
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Hello, I'm Tino and I love technology!

I live in the capital city of North Carolina.

I have a beautiful wife, an even prettier daughter (9 years old) and an awesome son (4 years old).

I was invited to become an Ambassador by Patrick on February 17 2014.

My first Android phone was the HTC Evo 4G, although I stop using it and went back to my beloved Palm Prē after a couple of months using both.

By the way, I bought my Palm Prē the day it was launched; June 6 2009.
That day will stay in my mind forever! And the Prē too!

The second Android was the HTC Evo 3D, but again, only used it for a couple of months and kept the Prē.

Finally on September 17 2011 I got the Motorola Photon 4G and put my beloved Prē back into its box. Although I still use it from time to time, to get my fix on gestures and webOS in general.

After the Photon, I've had the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now the Samsung Galaxy S5.

My wife and I have a PalmPad each. We also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7".
Of course, my son has taken ownership of the Galaxy Tab. He also loves technology!

Btw, my wife also has a HTC Thunderbolt and a Motorola Droid Razr, she uses them on WiFi only.

I have used a few iPads and the iPhone 3G, the 4 and 4S and also tested the 5S.
I have to say, I love Apple computers, but the iPads and iPhones are boring!

Well, that's just a bit about me, my family and some of my tech. There's a lot more about us and I have used all kinds of phones and computing devices. But I don't want you to read books and books about that, after all, this is just an intro!

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Jun 10, 2014
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It's December 2014. One year ago I knew almost nothing about devices and operating systems. Then, March this year I acquired my first smartphone, a Lumia 520, and was immediately captivated by these near-magical devices. A couple of weeks later, a Nexus 5 followed, and so I entered green robot land. I joined AC in June. Most of what I've learnt about the OS and devices has come from that. It seemed natural to me to be active in the forums from the first, with the consequence that now, such a short time after joining, I have been surprised and honoured to be invited to accept Ambassadorship.
Belodion is a dual being. It comes from my name, David, meaning BELOved, and my cat's name, Dennis, the Latin for which is DIONysius. One of us was born in the 20th century, the other in the 21st. One of us likes cameras, science fiction, and trying to understand what life, the universe and everything are all about, the other likes playing with feathers tied to lengths of string. Either approach is good.

For me, it's about smartphones....little devices you can carry around with you. PCs and tablets are not in the same spirit and don't interest offence meant, it's just personal preference.
Thank you to all at AC who have contributed to my smartphone education, and continue to do so. For my part I'll do my best to help with the promotion and understanding of what I think of as a great and interesting experiment: the Android OS and its devices....and of course, the AC forums.☺😺

Dave (UK).

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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I joined AC around 3/2012 after checking out various Android forums--what struck me most about AC was the real civility and friendliness of the discourse, as well as how helpful people are. It was refreshing not to see trolling, excessive snarkiness, and all around Simpsons-Comic-Book-Guy behavior. The first time I made a suggestion and received a hearty thanks from another member was a total rush--I needed more. And now I can't stop.:confused: The first step is recognizing that you have a problem ...

At some point, my silly little posts started attracting the attention of the venerable Paul627g, who invited me to become an Ambassador, which was an honor. It was even better getting the opportunity to work with the great team of Ambassadors and Moderators we have here. Then at some point, they made me Senior Ambassador--I think it's because I'm old and cranky. GET OFFA MY LAWN! But seriously, I continue to get a lot of enjoyment out of this endeavor. Helping people is so much more fun than being a jerky troll.;)

Before Android came out, I was stuck in the doldrums of Windows Mobile--started out with a Samsung SCH-i760 (what a memorable name), then a Samsung Omnia. At that time, it was painfully clear that nothing much was happening with Windows Mobile, so I made the jump to my first Android phone, the HTC Droid Incredible. What. A. Difference. After a couple of years with that phone, upgraded to the Droid Razr Maxx, which was a solid performer for most of its life, until it started to get a serious case of the lags. Made the jump to the big time with the Nexus 5, and it's been smooth and powerful ever since, up to my current Nexus 6P. Along the way, I also picked up an Acer A100, Acer A500, Asus TF300T, ASUS Zenfone 2, and a Nexus 7 (both 2012 and 2013). I love the flexibility and customizability of Android, as well as the close integration with Google. Still haven't tried rooting, though--I guess stock Android does enough for me! I'm also a big fan of Chromebooks -- currently, I have a 2013 Chromebook Pixel, an Acer CB5-571, and an Acer C740.

I'm a doctor in the Silicon Valley area, practicing hospital medicine (what's known as a "hospitalist"). This means I only see sick patients in the hospital, rather than being a clinic doctor. My trusty Nexus 6P is pretty helpful for looking up important medical info or doing special calculations, but unfortunately the software for electronic charting still isn't that good for mobile devices. I'm married and have one cute, smart, energetic, and loud 7 year old daughter.

My avatar, for all of you non-nerds out there, is Crow T. Robot, from Mystery Science Theater 3000, the greatest show ever made about the worst movies ever made. I figured he would be appropriate for an Android forum, although he's really just a straight-up robot ...
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Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Re: [DRAFT] Public Ambassador Introductions

Hi everyone! As you can see my name is Javier and I'm from Madrid.

I used to pay my bills programming for big companies with huge mainframes. I loved that job and the logic involved in writing code and troubleshooting. But travelling was a bigger passion and I left Spain with a backpack and a one way ticket. After some years on the road kind of settled down in Brazil where I live now with my family. At that time there weren't such things as laptops, smartphones or even that funny thing called Internet, and never had that kind of job again. Oh yes! I'm a bit old :)

When I joined Android Central I was a complete newbie with Android and this forum was the perfect introduction to the green robot world. Recently the AC guys decided that I wasn't a newbie anymore and invited me to be an Ambassador. For me it's an honour making part of this great team.

This is a great place to learn, share what you know and help people that are having problems with their great gadgets. And above all, having fun in the process. And that's what I'll try to keep doing here.

See you around the forums! Cheers!
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Mike Dee

May 14, 2014
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Re: [DRAFT] Public Ambassador Introductions

Hi, I'm Mike and I’m a gadget freak.

When I was younger I always had stuff that no one else had. Nowadays not so much but I still love technology.

I first came to Android Central in 2014, but I wasn’t very active here because my first Androids were Motorola products and they have their own support forum. I was very active there and was part of their beta testing program and I even considered becoming one of their MotoXperts which is kind of like a moderator/tech position but I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to do it effectively. I was active their until 2016 because I decided to try other products early in 2016 and here I am. I got hooked on this site and found myself getting lots of advice and little by little found myself paying it back by helping others. I guess my activity here got noticed and I was offered a spot on the Trusted Member team. While learning about the team and it’s duties I was informed about other volunteer opportunities here if I wanted to dedicate more time. At that point I expressed an interest in becoming an Ambassador and here I am.

I’ve had a lot of different careers in my life, including working as a Sound Engineer for live bands and done some studio work as well. At the moment I work for a major utility in their Safety and Quality Engineering Section. I am also a part time Deputy Sheriff which is not a bad gig.
I have a computer degree but I never really put it to use because what I do pays better, however the computer degree helped get me where I am because I assisted in developing software systems that are in use by the entire company.

My hobbies include computers, photography and RC helicopters and cars…. Though it looks like I may have to venture into Drones to keep up with technology..

I am very glad to be a part of Android Central and Mobile Nations. I look forward to interacting with people on here and if you have a moment feel free to say hello.



Mar 6, 2012
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Re: [DRAFT] Public Ambassador Introductions

Hello! I'm very sorry for the lateness of this introduction post! Here goes!

Hi, everyone! My name is Cynthia, and I've been an Ambassador for Android Central for a little over a year; and it's been super fun! As well as frequenting this forum, I sometimes pop back in on CrackBerry - where my phone forum journey began some four years ago.

Apart from my obsession with phones (which I'll get to below), here are a few tidbits about me: I'm short; I love swimming; I work with children; and even though I'm in my late twenties, I still have quite the love for Pokémon, toys, and stuffed animals. My brother calls it my "backwards aging process." Other interests include writing; adoring my cat; and delighting in the art of bugging my boyfriend with random acts of affection ("baked goods! pokes! cards!").

With regards to phones, I've only recently converted to Android 3-4 years ago. I first started off with BlackBerry devices (white BlackBerry Bold 9780; black BlackBerry Q10); and then, wanting to try something new, I switched to Android - specifically, a Nexus 5. Best introduction to Android ever! And thus started my love for pure, stock Android; and my love for Android in general.

Next up, I grabbed an LG G3 (double tap to unlock! Great screen size! Love LG's skin!); and then an Honor 8, which I've been using happily for almost a year (white! Love EMUI! Fingerprint scanner! Dual cameras! Shiny!).

I am always on the lookout for my next device. I still miss my BlackBerry phones and their physical keyboards, though! I can usually be found talking about phones here in the forums; or talking about phones with friends and family IRL.

As always, it's a pleasure to interact with Android Central and its vast user base.


Feb 23, 2011
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Intro Draft

I guess for starters, I'm the forum's resident foxy guy, as evidenced by my avatar. My profile says I joined back in 2011, but I honestly don't remember much of those early days here. I just enjoyed the atmosphere here and love sharing three knowledge I've gained over the years. I wasn't really trying to stand out, but a year or so I got a PM notification from a mod. My initial thought was, "Uh oh, what did I do wrong?" That's when I was pleasantly surprised with an invitation to the trusted members team. So apparently some of my advice is a bit credible! Then about 2 months ago, I got another PM from a mod and had another UH OH moment in my head. Yeah, I seem to have a guilty conscience. Anyway, this time it was an invitation to the Ambassador program. So here I am in all the glory those two badges bring, still doing my thing.

Outside of AC, I'm a trucker by trade. That affords me a lot of time to listen to audio books and podcasts, usually of a political or health nature (you may see me pop in on the political forums now and then for some healthy debates). I have lots of interests. I can't really call them hobbies because it's hard to find the time to actually participate. Those would be RC helicopters (not "drones"), photography, car audio, Christmas lighting, watching top fuel and jet car drag racing, and being a furry (hence the whole foxy guy thing at the beginning of this).

I'm usually pretty laid back, but always willing to give my $0.02 worth if it's a subject I'm versed in.


Super Moderator
Feb 6, 2017
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Hi everyone my name is Steve also known by Mustang7757.
I like to explain a little about myself.

I'm business owner of a Automotive Repair Shop , I'm highly trained ASE certified auto technician that specializes in drivability problems that shops or dealerships have problems with domestic or imports . I've been doing this for 28 years , I'm married with 5 kids one is in college. My spare time I'm in 3 different leagues for hockey and like modifying my Mustang. I have big passion for technology and that's where phones come in as I own quite a few both android and Apple phones love both platforms . So as you can see I have my hands full lol, but I love being part of all this and the team here at Andriod central.

Kizzy Catwoman

Feb 2, 2017
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Hello everyone. I am Kizzy and I simply love tech.

I am mother to 2 adults (eek! I am getting old!) and my eldest is at university studying an IT degree.

I spend a lot of time watching tech videos on YouTube and perusing the forum to help and be helped by other members.

I currently use a Pixel 4XL and have owned an OG Pixel and a 2XL. I have also used Samsung Galaxy phones since the S3. I have a love/hate relationship with Samsung products, but I try not to discriminate.

I have also owned an iPhone 4, 4s, 6 and 6s. I don't have any more iPhones, but I do have access to an iMac and an iPad, so I am not totally without Apple products or insensitive to iOS.

I am a bit of a Google fan these days. I have a Pixelbook and several Google Home products.

I have several smart home bulbs, plugs, thermostats and even a smart kettle that I can boil by using IFTTT on my Huawei smartwatch. It is very convenient.

I live in the UK. Oh and I love cats. You will often see my cat pictures on the relevant forum threads.
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