Memory is Full!


Jul 7, 2014
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And it all seems to be in Contacts (over 10 GB) which seems impossible. I only have about 300 or so.
Also Contacts won't update with Google (because of lack of memory I presume). And I can't add any programs to copy them either, for the same reason. Question is, where can I see the actual file containing contacts to see whether there are lots of duplicates or some other reason that it could be taking up so much space????
I do have Samsung Kies (replacement Smart Switch) and have used it once. But can't find the file on my Mac.
Thanks for any knowledgeable suggestions. Or just ideas, I'm desperate!


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Jan 18, 2015
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Login to your Google account and see if your contacts list looks good there.
If so, on the phone disable contacts sync.
Then go to: Settings > Apps > All > Contacts > Force stop > Clear cache > Clear data
Enable contacts sync and let them sync back to the phone.

You should be OK.

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