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Andrea Foren

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Mar 5, 2014
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I have been researching all over the internet for help with my issue. I use Group Chat or Group messaging heavily on my Samsung (AT&T) Galaxy S4 Smartphone. I originally had problems with messaging being extremely slow. Now when I go into read any text, it locks my phone up and brings up an error message stating "Messaging has stopped responding" with an option to "Wait" or "End". If I wait, Messaging never reopens. If I end, it ends Messaging of course but will not bring up any texts. The few times I am able to get into create a texts it will take over 2 minutes to even type one word.

My memory is not full, have a SIM card with bigger items so I know storage isn't a problem. I have cleared data in the Messaging app (the one that I use, which is included with the phone and I have no third party messaging apps), deleted the threads it will allow me to (it won't let me delete large group chat threads). I have tried shutting the phone off, removing the battery, SIM card, and SD card also. After restarting it will work for a few minutes then crash again, forcing me to restart. Seems to be worse when a group message comes through.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Anyone? I guess my next step is a factory restore?:-[

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