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Sep 12, 2010
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So I just got a new 2016 Civic with AA.
I was reading that Google's own "Messenger" app isnt supported. Is this true?

I only question it because I went ahead and switched my SMS to default to Hangouts so I can get texts on AA (as awful as hangouts is, i did it). But when I get an actual text while connected to AA, it looks like the Google Messenger icon on the AA screen...and not the hangouts icon.
So can i receive and send texts in AA with Google Messenger as my default messaging app and leave hangouts out to dry?
I'm confused.
I use a Nexus 6p, if that makes any difference.

What do you guys use for Messaging? I've never gotten into Whatsapp....can I use that as my default? Or does everyone I text with it also have to use Whatsapp?

Thank you!

Andrew DeFaria

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Apr 24, 2015
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I like Hangouts and use it for texting as well as free phone and video calls. Can't understand why people pay for phone calls or use Skype where you have to pay to call a landline. Note there are better IM programs (I liked What'sApp for example) but none that I've found that allows you to call an arbitrary phone number for free.

That said, as for SMS: I believe that AA works with any texting app that does SMS or that conforms to SMS standards.

I know that Google wants you to use their new Messenger app but to me I don't see how it's substantially different. Also that app's name is too confusing with FB Messenger app. Plus Google's supposedly moving to "Allo"? In fact I just pre-registered for Allo and Duo.

When you say "But when I get an actual text while connected to AA, it looks like the Google Messenger icon on the AA screen...and not the hangouts icon" what do you mean? Because when I receive an SMS on AA I see a little box appear at the top and it says I have a text message and the name of the person. Perhaps it has Hangout's icon - I forget. What I have done is tap on it and AA says "Here's the message" then does a text to speech for me. I can tap the mic (or hold the mic button on the steering wheel) and say "Reply". AA will enter into a dialog with me to reply to that message. I can also tap the mic and say "send message to <name>" to initiate a text. I don't think it really matters if there's a Hangout's icon, a Messages icon or even future icons like What'sApp.

I need to look deeper into What'sApp. Can I SMS anybody with a phone number? Does it integrate with my Google Contacts? Apparently not. Strike 1! How about AA? Hmmm... it does.

Personally I'm sticking with Google and applications that don't require that anybody I want to talk to also uses the same applications I've happen to have chosen.


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Jun 2, 2015
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I use the stock Messaging app as my SMS default and it does integrate with AA

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