mic and touch-to-speak gone!


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Nov 8, 2015
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Hello everyone.

The other month my mic button disappeared? I have checked the settings and ensured that google-text-to-speak is selected, but still no button on my keyboard next to the space bar.

I have also tried:

Reinstalling Google text to speak again, again nothing!
Checked for updates.
Tried the Google keyboard instead of the default Samsung

When I use apps like Viber, Skype the mic works just fine.

Oh and why I am asking I also don't seem to have lock card options in my lock screen menu?

I have a Galaxy Tab WiFi only 10.5 on android 5.0.2,

Any help would great ,I have pulling my hair out in regards to the mic /text-to-speak for months. I could really do with having this function back as I am about continue with my degree .

Not sure if this would have an effect, but touch wiz is greyed out and I have no way of selecting it.

I would also like to people's opinion on this app, it seems scored 4.5 on the playstore and had some good reviews but I am just a little unsure.

Look forward to your replies

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