MicroHDMI --> VGA Adapter?


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May 20, 2012
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I know such an animal exists, because I have colleagues who have iPads that can do this.

We use VGA projectors at work, no way to hook up via HDMI. I'm stuck having to haul in my laptop whenever I have to give a presentation, and I'd rather just use the Iconia A500. Is there any sort of adapter that can do the job? I do NOT need audio to work, just video.

Thank you in advance.


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Mar 16, 2011
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I finally saw the Acer HDMI to VGA converter supposedly for the A510. However, the HDMI end looks like a full HDMI port, not the micro HDMI port we got on the A500. The shop can't confirm whether it works for A500, but will work on the W500.

Next I went to check the A510 itself on the web and saw that its HDMI port is a full sized one, not micro. So chances are this converter is for the A510 as well.

So I have a feeling that this thing may not work with our A500.

Have anyone tried this before ? I don't want to buy it and finds out it doesn't work.