microsd card comparison chart for Kindle Fire HD 10


Aug 3, 2010
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I've read a thousand posts on microsd memory cards for my kindle fire HD 10, but I still need some clarity.

What is the fastest card the Fire HD 10 tablet can support? I'm sure I could purchase a UHS-III card, but can the kindle really take full advantage of that speed, or would I be overpurchasing?

What are the minimum requirements for a card that can be used to store games and apps, not just for storing movies and pictures?

This page is helpful, but I don't think it accurately represents every combination of modern memory cards that are available, so I'm still confused.

I'm pretty sure the SD Express cards would be too much, and the DS and HS cards are too old, but I'd like to understand all the cards in the middle.
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Feb 12, 2012
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The fastest card a device can support is the fastest card you can find. (As long as the card [or any storage device] is fast enough for the CPU, it works.) Can a slower device store as fast as the card can go? No, of course not. That's set by the device, not the card.

To store apps and games, you need UFS storage, not SD storage. (Android apps [games are apps] have to keep track of their state at all times [Android can kill any app at any time - then run the app when you bring it to the foreground, telling it to pick up from its stored state], which means that some apps are constantly writing their state. Since SD cards [but not UFS storage] are rated in number of write cycles, storing apps on the SD card is an easy way to ensure a short life for the card.)

Since the HD10 does 720 video at best, anything better than a Class 2 card should work - so get the cheapest class you can. (Class 4 cards are becoming scarce.) In a 32GB card (the largest the HD10 supports) I doubt you'll find anything slower than a U1 (which is Class 10).

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