Mid price flagship?? Axon7 v OP3

Stuie Bedubie

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Nov 5, 2014
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Hi guys,
Anyone have some good thoughts on this.
Maybe an AC comparison?
I am currently using my oneplusone, bought at first release month, 2 years ago, Using Resurrection Remix ROM and Nova.
This phone still works absolutely fine and doesn't really need replacing yet.
I don't have a lit of money to throw around but I do like to have quality tech toys.
So I was planning on getting OP3 in about a month, once they've been teethed. But now I see the ZTE Axon7 being released, and tbh from specs at least looks like a very good phone at same price.
+ for the axon, great audio device, that's a biggie for me, and also high quality amoled screen, easier to view in sunlight.
+ for OP3 will be known easy to unlock bootloader, root and get custom ROMs.. Something I enjoy playing around with.
Can anyone give me an educated opinion as to possible ZTE axon 7 being dev friendly?
Are the extras for ZTE outweigh being not dev friendly?


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Feb 24, 2012
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Out of the box the Axon 7 seems to be better in every category possible - with the caveat that the information about screen quality and accuracy is absent pending review. But, I have no idea about its ability to be unlocked, rooted, ROM'd, etc. This is the first unlocked ZTE phone to hit my radar.

Anyone else familiar with ZTE dev community?


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Nov 16, 2010
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I haven't held the OP3 but have played with an engineering Axon 7. I came away highly impressed.

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Sep 9, 2014
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Based only on several informal YouTube comparison videos, only the OP3's camera seems to best the Axon 7. Other comparisons end up as a toss up or a win for the A7.

+ for the axon, great audio device, that's a biggie for me, and also high quality amoled screen, easier to view in sunlight.
The same YouTuber recently compared the OP3 and A7 displays in bright sunlight. He came away thinking that the OP3's was slightly better than the A7's, but that's probably because the OP3 wallpaper had a giant white rectangle with "never settle" emblazoned on it in fat black print. Ignoring that rectangle (which you can probably pick out from 100 yards) the two screens looked equally readable but equally punked by the sun.

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