Milestone 3 XT861 help


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Aug 17, 2013
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Hello everyone
I have a Motorola Milestone 3 XT861 it has been crap since I got it. Anyway I am new to anything with a phone I have unlocked my phone and was in root toolbox i selected reboot in bootloader mode by mistake and when it booted up asked me to plug in a usb cable i powered the phone down now it is stuck in boot mode Motorola told me it was defective lol but I was thinking their should be a way to get it going again maybe with a custom rom or a ruu file not sure I have another phone exactly like it if I could figure out how to back that phone up and load it to the other phone. I can take the battery out put it back in hold X and the power button and get into the recovery screen. Any ideas I will be grateful.


Ray Ratliff