Miracast problem, Sony Bravia

Daniel Sommer1

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Dec 8, 2014
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Hey, ive got a problem as i cant get miracast to work anymore.
Ive got an Sony-kdl-50w828bb tv, and an HTC One M8 (running 4.4.4)
When i bought the tv like 2month ago? the phone connected straight up and using the 3 fingers i instantly got a mirror of my phone on the tv.
Now i have moved my tv to another apartment and now it simply does not work..

I connect my phone true the tv's wifi, then it says one user connected, and device not compatible with miracast??
any others had this issue? or know what i can try next? Been rebooting the phone, updating the tv everything i can thought of, deleting paired devices etc..

I do however belive that i may have had some minor updates on the phone since i tried it last and when i moved it.