Mobile Data keeps switching on, is it Juicedefender? or Wi-Fi Optimisation & Auto-sync data?


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Aug 28, 2013
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For the past week I am finding that my mobile data keeps being switched on. I keep disabling it but find it on again when I next look, since I don't have an always on plan and pay per day ( 24hrs ) it is costing me every day for a connection ie today 34.9KB while I have been at home with a good wifi connection. Juicedefender Plus is the only app that has permission to change network connectivity. I have set Juicedefender to 'customize' and 'disabled' mobile data thinking this should stop it changing the mobile data but no joy so had further thoughts that Wi-Fi Optimisation & Auto-sync data ( Settings -Wi-Fi - more ... - Advanced - Wi-Fi Optimisation and Settings - Data usage - more ... - Auto-sync data ) could be responsible ie Wi-Fi Optimisation disables the Wi-Fi then Auto-sync thinks there is no Wi-Fi and enables the mobile data connection.
Does anyone have any experience of this behaviour, I just want to turn the mobile data on when I need it not allow something to manage it and hence my data costs ?
Should add the phone is Nexus 4 with 4.3 Build JWR66Y