Ricky Flynn

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Dec 29, 2012
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First thank you to everyone on here posting their knowledge and how to's, they have been a lot of help and educational...

Now my question...
I have been rooting and flashing both my I9000s through out the past 2 years almost and have had a lot of fun with these phones, but i am at the point of wanting newer and better ones... With that being said I am looking at taking the I9000s and "turning" them into "Itouch" style devices for my kids... Just for them to watch movies and play games on... I would want them to still connect to wifi but not try to read the sim or search for a phone network... I pretty much want to disable anything to do with it being a phone... Has anyone seen a firmware out there that does this or has anyone else thought of writing one to do this... I dont know if I am the only one that has thought to try this or not, but it seems pretty logical... I just dont want my kids to have the access of it as a phone or mess it up... Any help would be great thank you...

Ricky Bobby