[MOD] WiFi Notification Disable - Not Sticking


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Feb 17, 2011
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[WARN]Even though this is a relativly simple fix, still is considered a mod and you should take care when performing any modifications to your phone. Myself or Android Central do not take any resposibility for what you do to your phone. You proceed with these mods at your own risk.[/WARN]

[INFO]This mod was popular back in the days of the GS3 about the dumb nagging WiFi notification. You can remove it very simply but it will come back whenever you reboot your phone, or do a toggle of your WiFi. Annoying yes, but if you are in a spot where you know you will not have to toggle your WiFi for an extended period of time this will remove the nagging notification until you do. This isn't a one time thing either, you can do this as many times as you want. [/INFO]

How to Disable the Nagging WiFi Notification
Step by step how to successfully remove the WiFi notification. Like stated before you will need to do this everytime you reboot your phone or do a WiFi toggle. Annoying yes, but atleast its a small fix for the time.
  1. Pull down your notification panel
  2. Long hold on the WiFi notification - App Info selection box should appear
  3. Click App Info - Should bring you Android System Application Page
  4. Click Force Stop

[NOTE]There you go. Simple and easy. When there is a method that will stick after a reboot or WiFi cycle I will update this to reflect it, but for now this is a good as we are going to get without flashing a different ROM. Enjoy :)[/NOTE]

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