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Sep 22, 2017
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The Moto gamepad is a brilliant device which is an astounding disappointment.

I bought it expecting that I could customize it to play any touchscreen game.

Unfortunately it only works with games that have built-in Gamepad compatibility. Of these games virtually none of them work correctly with the GamePad, because you can't map the keys without rooting your device.

I would have expected that a proprietary mod would have access to mimic all the controls of a smartphone without having to root my device via third-party apps, and consequently voiding my warranty.

Specifically, it needs permissions to mimic touchscreen controls such as swiping and tapping for games like side-scrollers and combat or fighting games, since 99% of Android games use touchscreen controls...

Overall, the mod is a great concept, but it's half baked!

So my question is this... I have searched high and low on the Motorola site for a contact email where I can suggest improvements in future firmware and software upgrades for the GamePad. I can't find anything.

I've called tech support and and they can only tell me what I already know... download the moto game Explorer.

I really want this gamepad to be the incredible mod I wish it could be, and to do that I need to get in touch with Motorola or Lenovo.

As it stands it's a very lackluster piece of equipment. Can anyone help me?


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Jul 20, 2017
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I have to disagree with you. The GamePad is excellent the programmers who write the software that you wanted use aren't. They could write things for controllers in there are some games like that they choose to do things their own way. I don't want to have to have things be complicated just because somebody wants to program poorly. It's the same with Bluetooth controllers that behave the same way only have lag and this one has no lag.

if people write software properly it behaves as expected. they did nothing wrong and I would hate for them to try to increase cost to compensate for somebody else's foolishness. Perhaps to update their games and make them work with with controllers as a simple hid device

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