Moto X Accent Colors


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Aug 22, 2013
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I have browsed the internet in the past few days, and compiled several links below showing customized Moto X's with different accent colors. These colors look completely different from motomaker's website, which got me wondering; What accent will you pick and what color back will you choose? Keep in mind that the true colors of the Moto X's back is now releasing, and so far have shown different than in motomaker.

Blue: Making a Moto X? Be careful of your color choices. | Computerworld Blogs
Steel: Custom MotoMaker Moto X First Impressions - YouTube
Pink: Unboxing the Moto X made with MotoMaker - YouTube
Orange: Moto X Challenge, Day 16: Custom Moto X - YouTube
Yellow: Our custom Moto X has arrived - and it is sweet - YouTube
Red: Custom Moto X Unboxing - YouTube
Black: 视频: Unboxing a Personalized Moto X - YouTube

I believe these are all of the accent colors available for the moto x, but if I am wrong please post.