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I have changed internal to sd card but my phone keeps downloading apps on my internal storage. I have gone to apps but there isn't an optian to change to SD. Does anybodt know what to do?
my phone: huawei p8 lite 2017

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The ability to move a portion of an app to SD isn't supported by all phones. If you don't see a Move to SD option in the Settings>Apps menu for any app, then the phone doesn't support it. Also, if the phone doesn't give you the option to format the SD card as Internal Storage rather than Portable Storage, then the phone also doesn't support Adoptable Storage (which would allow you to install an app directly to an SD card, since the SD card would be integrated into Internal Storage).

If you don't have either of these options, then your only other option would be to root the phone and see if an app like Link2SD or App Mgr III works.


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Feb 12, 2012
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It's also one.of.the.worst.ideas.of.all.time to put apps on SD cards.

eMMC storage, the internal storage, moves things around from save to save, to extend the life of the storage (like an SSD does). And, if a section goes bad, it can "pair off" and use an unused chunk of storage to replace the bad part.

SD cards don't do that.

Both, eMMC and SD, are rated by the number of writes they can take. It's huge, but it's not infinite, and eMMC can take orders of magnitude more.

Android apps keep their current state at all times, because Android can kill an app, then when you bring it to the foreground, Android can load it again and tell it to start from where it left off, so you never know that it was killed. If an app is moved to the SD card (or the SD card is formatted as internal, and an app gets installed to it), and the piece of code that saves the current state ends up on the SD card, and the app is changing constantly, that's millions of writes to the SD card and ... goodbye SD card. Early failure.

Store files on the SD card. Pictures,music, videos, documents, etc., etc. Stored once, written once. If the phone is too small (in internal storage), you need a larger phone. (That's why, even though a phone with over 20GB of user storage was really enough for me for a few years, when I upgraded phones I went for 128GB [which gives me about 108GB of user storage]. I want the phone to last. with 108GB available, it will last until I get sick of it, or it can no longer be used, because voice will be 6G and data will be 8G, and the phone doesn't do them. My old AT&T [actually marked Cingular, which is what AT&T Mobility really is] V551 was a great phone. If there was a risk of losing or damaging my phone, I'd throw it into a pocket and leave my daily driver home. It does 2G voice and text. AT&T now does 3G voice and text. Oh, well. But the phone is 14 years old, so it doesn't owe me anything. When my Pixel 2 is 14 years old, I will have gotten rid of it long before.)

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