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Move from iOS to Android

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So here's my current situation... I use a Mac laptop, iPad (2 actually), and iPhone. I also have several windows computers. The main thing I love about the iPhone\iPad\Mac is the ability to use iMessage anywhere. It's also a huge frustration when I have to use my Windows computer to not have the messaging available. Aside from that functionality, I would move to Android. Is there something similar with Android to iMessage that will work on every device (iPad and Windows too).

There's a few other things I would miss, because everyone in my house is on iOS, but I think I have found ways around some of those missing features, mostly by using Googles applications for the iPhone.


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Dec 28, 2011
As simple and elegant? No.

But there are a number of ways that allow you to still message from other devices. Android Messages (google's stock text app) allows you to message from your browser including on iOS devices...here's an article that goes into detail:


I don't use Messages, so the app PushBullet syncs my texts between my phone and my PC via a Chrome extension.

Both of these require several steps of setup initially but work very well....just not quite like iMessage.