Moving Apps to SD causes reboot

Feb 4, 2011
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I'm in need of some help with moving Apps to SD. I'm on OG Droid and now using Pete Alfonso's gpa17. Apps to SD worked fine before I moved to gpa 17 but I've now tried to go back to gpa 16 and the same problem occurs.

I've tried stock utility to move apps and also Android Assistant's tool but it reboots every time. I've wiped the SD card using the stock utility and it still reboots when I try to move an app. OG Droid has such a sad amount of space for apps that I've had to shuffle and uninstall a lot of useful apps just to keep the sync functional.

Any ideas on why this might have happened and what I can do to fix it?

Thank you.


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Jan 15, 2011
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Hmm...thats a new one to me. Your SD card is in good working order I assume? It def sounds like a software problem, did you wipe data/cache when you flashed back to gpa16?