Multiple questions from future Android users : gestures, battery life, Live Photos, lockscreen

Apr 28, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I have decided to take the plunge, sell my Iphone X (as well as my Apple Watch and Airpods in the mean time) and buy a Note 9 that I will receive on Wednesday. I will probably buy a galaxy gear as well later on if I am happy with the Note.

In the meantime, I would like to prepare for its arrival. Hence :

1. What are, in your opinion, the must-have tricks/Settings change that I have to do when I receive the Note. As I said in a previous topic, I have owned Android Phones from times to times (about every 3 years) and I still have a Galaxy Tab S2 that I mainly use on holidays, but I am more used to iOS. Hence, my 2nd question...
2. One of the thing I like with the latest iOS are the gestures-based navigation (like sliding the bottom of the screen to switch from one app to the other, this is so quick when you switch between a few apps). If I am not mistaken, this will mostly come in Android Pie and is not present in Oreo right?
3. Also, I did not get a clear answer last time I asked. So here I am again : I am a fan of live photos on iOS and above all the fact that I can select the frame that I want to be the "main" picture. With 2 small children, this is very useful to get a photo with eyes open 😉 I thought it was possible with motion photos but then I read it was not. Also, is it true that (i) google photos does not allow to watch the Motion photos ? Any other app that does this ? Once again, I am not interested per se in the short video clip but more by the fact that this short video clip allows me to change the frame of the picture, which allows me to "improve" failed pictures (closed eyes, movement...).
4. As to battery life, are there things I should know to optimize it ?
5. When I had Android Phones, I always installed Tasker but found it a bit...Cumbersome. Has it become easier to use? IS thre another similar app but more intuitive?
6. More generally, what newish apps would you recommend me ? Not the mainstream apps that are present everywhere, but the ones that are the most important to your workflow and a bit unusual (I am mainly looking for productivity apps, customization, healthn reading...). Oh yeah and I know backups and transferring data was a bit of an issue in the past although it seems to have improved a bit...but what app would you recommend to do a full backup if I want to reinstall everything. Most stuff such as emails, contacts...are stored in gmail already, photos in Google photos...So I am mainly thinkg about apps, settings, customizations...
7. In the same vein, what's the best app to customize the lockscreen. I like to put some widgets, shortcuts, stuff such as next meetings, the weather...

Ok, that was a handful ! But I am excited to get my Note ;-)