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music in folders?


Apr 12, 2014
is there any way to sort music on the gear in folders so that only the songs from that folder are playing at a given time?


Well-known member
Nov 29, 2013
You could create a folder by plugin your SD card into a laptop, create a new folder, name it, plug the SD card back, then scroll with your music player to see if you will be able to play the music within that folder. This depends with your phone model and your music player. Though its a complicated solution. The easiest and possibly most convenient way to do this is to create a playlist within your music player, name the playlist as a favorite and anytime you need to listen to the songs that you like most you just go to this folder. :cool:


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May 6, 2010
Great idea. I tried. Doesn't work. I connected the gear to the computer using the charging cradle, which (on Win 7) lets you see the Gear as a device. I then dragged a folder containing mp3 files into the Music folder on the Gear. The Music Player sees all the songs, including those in the sub-folder, but displays them simply as one long alphabetical list. No folders. No playlist. No joy.

To the other poster, as soon as I find the slot for the SD card on the Samsung Gear 2, I'll give your method a try.