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Music Storage Issues


AC Question

Hi all, I recently purchased a used (but in excellent condition) Samsung Galaxy S3; one of the main reasons I picked one up is to be able to store a large volume of music on a convenient device and play it in the car! It was pointed out to me upon purchase that the particular S3 I was purchasing has an internal storage capacity of 16GB but I could add more with a Micro SD card.
Sure enough, I purchased a 64GB Samsung Micro SD card, inserted it into my phone and began adding music files. Initially, with a small amount of music on the card all was well using the 'Music Player' already installed on the device. However, when I get to about 10GB of music stored on the card it seems to have trouble coping - mainly evident by choosing a song to play; only have it last a second and then jump half way through another track (usually on the same album).
I have visited a few forums and there does seem to be a fair bit of talk about the S 3 And 4 being 'notorious' and having a 'chequered' past when it comes to SD storage.
I have tried a factory reset but this doesn't seem to have made much difference; I will re-format the card once more and give it one more chance!
Any thoughts, solutions or similar experiences - I would be keen to hear of.