!!!!! Music unsupported message !!!!


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Dec 9, 2014
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:confused::confused::confused::confused:eek:kay here i go ..

muscic error message comes up saying sorry could not play unsupported media

i have tryed facory reset wiped my hole phone no luck

tried deleting all and putting back onto phone still same problem BUT! when i put back onto phone it plays through a couple of times sometimes then bam !! unsupported again

also tried every music player you can download through android

my compluter says the formats MPEG layer 3 and my phone when i click details on a song says mp3 format in the phone

hhmmmm im going to reconvert them all tomaro to mpeg layer 3 tomaro just to make sure and then ill try some other formats if that dosnt work

any ideas realy apriciate some help guys ?? i been at this for 4 days know still no luck



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May 9, 2011
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Try the Neutron Music player. Plays all my songs that Google music won't where I get the same error. Good luck

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