My Dream Android Device


Oct 7, 2009
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I thought it would be cool to have a place to post pictures or ideas about the Android device of your dreams.

For some reason I fell in love with the Motorola Krave zn4 design when it came out for Verizon. Unfortunately it is only a feature phone so id never own it but i think it had some pretty cool features. If i could create my dream android device, I would use the Specs of the Nexus one (except screen size due to phone design, you'll see), I would use the hardware of the Krave zn4, and the UI of HTC's Sense!


Feb 23, 2010
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Iss really not that small of a phone I've had some realtime with one.

The Krave has a 2.8" screen so that is considerably smaller than a Hero's screen (almost half an inch diagonal which is not a small amount on a cell phone). I didn't say it was the smallest thing ever but I did say that it would be like typing on a hero but smaller. I stand by that assessment. Typing on a Hero has shown me that 3.2" is already pushing it as far as typing on screen. This phone (assuming scale stayed the same) would be in stylus territory. Not always a bad thing as I've had great times with my old Palms and WM phones back in the day but they don't exactly seem to sell well these days.