My Facebook account won't send Push notifications to any device

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I'm 100% certain that my actual account on Facebook is the culprit. Whether I'm logged in on my own phone or a friend's phone, I cannot receive Push notifications of any kind whatsoever from Facebook.

I created a new Facebook account to see if that would work with Push notifications, and it does. It works every time for the new account.

I had a friend login to her Facebook account on my phone and she received Push notifications perfectly fine.

I went to my local phone tech outlet to be absolutely sure that my phone's settings are configured correctly, and more than one staff member confirmed that all settings on both my phone and my Facebook account are set up correctly to receive Push notifications. They were all baffled as to why I'm not getting them.

I've browsed countless websites and forums to try and figure out how this problem can be fixed, and I'm at a loss.

The only two other people I've read about who have experienced the exact same problem as I am having (theirs were a year ago and longer) didn't seem to have found a solution, or at least they hadn't posted any solutions if they managed to find any.

Just to reaffirm this: the culprit of my problem isn't anything to do with my phone or its device settings in any way whatsoever. The problem is directly linked to my Facebook account and the few scarce long-shot solutions scattered around the web haven't worked.

These are the things I have tried:

- Deactivating and reactivating my account more than once, with various time frames between deactivation and reactivation.
- Changing the e-mail address registered to my account.
- Changing the phone number registered to my account.
- Trying countless variations of my account's Notifications settings. Right now, they're ALL enabled, including e-mail notifications (which I also don't receive).
- Removing all logins from the Apps And Websites settings and disabling the platform. I left it disabled overnight but I re-enabled it this morning since having it off made no difference.
- Logging out of all third party websites that I used my Facebook login to use (i.e. Soundcloud).
- Reported it to Facebook using the 'Report A Problem' feature (I'd have a better chance getting a response from a lobotomized chimp than I will from an actual member of Facebook's support team).

There may be other solutions out there that I haven't tried, but after trying to troubleshoot this vaguely for a couple months, and pretty much non-stop these last few days except to eat, sleep, and bash my face against the wall, there's literally no new information I can find regarding this problem.


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If it's a Facebook problem, always suspect Facebook first. Email them at and ask for assistance. (If it's not an Android problem, the only way anyone here could help you is if they had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. Facebook would have gotten complaints from many different platforms, and may have a fix.)

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