N7105 (note 2 lte) can't browse web via browsers in China


AC Question

Hi, for some reason my n7105's browsers (chrome, firefox, the native "internet" android browser). It runs Jelly Bean.

Basically what happened is that I downloaded the Samsung Cisco AnyConnect VPN app, which wouldn't work with my data network (China Unicom's LTE/3G network). I went to my company's IT guy who manages our VPN client, he fiddled around with USSD codes and various settings, and failed to solve the problem. A side effect was this browser problem. I downloaded an alternate, more barebones version of the Cisco app (since the Samsung Cisco app works for Note 2 and 3, but not perhaps Note 2 LTE), which works--I can access all services and use my browsers when running the VPN with the China data network. But, the problem remains that I can't use browsers at all if I'm just trying to use the data network without the VPN (It's a battery drainer, so I want to use it sparingly). The chinese chat app WeChat works fine for some reason, as do other non-blocked apps. It's just the browsers (and of course, all apps and services blocked by the Great Firewall).

Any help or suggestions?