Native Messaging App Not Working [Samsung Gs4 (AT&T)]


Mar 4, 2014
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Device: Samsung Galaxy s4
Carrier: AT&T

Yesterday, while trying to message a picture using the native Messaging app, the app became very slow and eventually froze. I switched to GoSMS Pro and it froze as well. Every time I opened either app, they would freeze once I attempted to send a message. This got progressively worse and both apps began freezing upon opening and locking up my phone until a notification saying the app had stopped working popped up. Attempting to remedy this, I uninstalled GoSMS Pro and cleared the cache and data from the Messaging app. The problem persisted. I then did a soft reset, but no change. I tried using Google Hangouts and it froze as well. Eventually Google Hangouts started working. However, simply opening the native Messaging app would it to freeze and stop working. I decided to live with out the native app and simply use Hangouts. Everything worked fine, until this afternoon. I sent a text from Hangouts and it did not appear to send, so tried again. Nothing. The app did not freeze or stop, it just would not recognize that I was trying to send a message. So, I opened Messaging to try and send the text. Big mistake. The freezing began all over again. Both apps would not even open. They would simply begin to open, freeze, and then after locking up my phone for about 5 minutes, I would get the notification saying that the app had stopped. Suddenly, about two hours later, Hangouts began working again. Messaging is still a death trap. Any idea what might be wrong and how I can fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

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