Need a developer for a project $$$


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Oct 26, 2010
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I have a proposition for any developer that's up to it. I need to build an app for Directv (also Dish in the future) technicians. It will include the following features:

-Contact list with important DTV contacts, with the option to add custom contacts for supervisors, etc.

-Browser add-on or mod of some kind that will allow the use of the camera as a barcode scanner to populate fields within the browser.

-Spreadsheet or something that can use camera with barcode scan to keep track of inventory, it will need an option to save a file every day and be able to email it to the desired recipient.

-Spreadsheet to keep track of jobs completed and amounts to be paid.

-Expense tracker that will be able to take pic of receipts, input and track mileage, and other expenses.

-Satellite finder, there is already an app out there called Dish Pointer Pro, it uses the camera to show you approx. position of satellites in the sky. If we can build something similar only geared only for Directv satellites, that would be great. If not maybe just a shortcut to that app.

-List or rather searchable database (maybe on a webserver if file size is an issue) of all Directv remote control codes for TV, DVD, etc.


I will be selling this app in the market and will split profits 50-50 with the developer for as long as they continue to develop and support it.

I can do the graphics in photoshop (I am a amateur web designer but I am pretty good) and all of the marketing for this software via my Installation supply website at LCI | Satellite Installer Tools and Supplies - Coaxial Cable - Compression Connectors - Signal Meters and word of mouth to other installation companies here in AZ.

I will also be developing PC software and a Web Interface for supervisors to log into and check on inventory and expenses etc. to go along with it in the near future.

My goal is to develop an all-around software suite, that will make the technicians jobs easier and also help the installation companies keep track of inventory and pay for their techs. The android app is just the beginning of what I hope will become a widely used technician management system.

Please ask any questions you may have.
PM me for serious interest in becoming the developer.