Need help returning Storm2 for Droid


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Nov 18, 2009
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We bought two Storm 2s on October 28th. My wife had a Verizon acct and she was due a new phone and I had an ATT acct whose plan expired in July. We got the two Storm 2s for $129 (BOGO) and one activation fee. Very cheap.

Now we want to return them and get two Droids. Each time I speak to Verizon I hear something different. One person said it will cost a $35 restocking fee and the difference in the phones, at the time the Droid were $199. So according to that person it was $55 twice. Now the Droid is $149 so it should be less but they weren't figuring that I go one free. So I think it will be ($149 x 2) + ($35 x 2 restocking) -$129(that we already paid) or $370 -$129= $241 additional.

The question is, can I give them both back and get new Droids from Wal-Mart for under $100. I am afraid once we ported over my number, Verizon is going to get difficult.

Why spend $370, when we can get the whole package for under a $100.

Any suggestions?

One more thing, once we return the Storm 2s, how do we wipe the data that is in there, meaning the Contact information and pictures.


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Oct 17, 2009
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this is all going off my logic, so your actual results with verizon may vary ;)

since you're within your 30 day trial, you should be able to return your phone, you would probably have to pay whatever restocking fee they charge.

aren't the droid's 150 at walmart as well?

the number thing might be an issue in the sense that it could become a hassle, i'd talk to the people in verizon, you can tell them what you want to do, it's not like you're doing something illegal, you're being a smart shopper and trying to get a better deal.

unless you're getting some awesome deal at walmart that i don't know about i'd personally just get them at verizon to minimize your hassle.

for the storm's

you go to settings, and security, then click menu and then wipe handheld (wipe device?) it will ask you to type "blackberry" into the next screen and it will proceed to wipe the device of all personal data.

the sequence might be slightly different as i'm doing it from memory.