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Sep 2, 2011
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I love having LOTS of media. I use three 16gb sd cards. One is for music, one is for audiobooks and the third is for video. Here is my problem, Say I swap out my music card for my audiobook card, When I put my music card back in all my playlists are gone, also with book card in I lose my set ringtones, for example when my daughter calls I will get a ringer that is some random part of a chapter in a book.
If I swap my book card to my music card I will lose all my bookmarks and have to try to find where I left off manually.
Is there a way to save this info to internal storage or a good music app that I can sync with and restore that info after swapping cards.
I would love to hear how other users manage data on more than one sd card.
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Jul 27, 2011
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Re: Using multiple sd cards

Strange. I'm not sure how often you change your custom ringtones, but, if it's not that often, you could put whatever song you have as the custom ringtone for your daughter onto internal storage, that way there wont be any issue. Just copy it over.

I'm not sure about the audio books. Have you tried looking in the settings for the app to see where it is storing the bookmarks? Maybe there is an option to store them on internal storage. Is the audio book app installed on the SD card? If so, maybe try moving it over to the phone. I'm not sure what ramifications having the app installed on the SD would have when you remove it, so, might be something to think about.

As for playlists, I created a bunch and ended up losing them, and, haven't messed with them since. Not sure what app you are using, but, you could always check in the settings for someway to store your playlists internally. I am using my stock X2 app and have not bothered to check any other ones out. But, I spent quite a bit of time looking for a good player for video. I just ended up checking Market and Amazon Appstore, downloading each one I could find until I found a good one that fits my needs. But, maybe others will post some suggestions.

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