Need help with some S6 edge issues

Esteban G

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Jul 27, 2015
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Hi everyone, I am new in the forum and git here looking for some help with my S6.

First of all, I bought it from Tmobile, and while I was in the US it seemed to work ok, the battery life was not the best, but I was able to get about 15 hs of "normal" phone use (fb, galaxy healthx gps, wifi and mobile data on, some Spotify, receiving and sending some small files on whatsapp and whatnot), which was good enough for me.

After moving back to my home country (argentina), I switched to an argentinian provider, and ever since the battery life of the phone is, at the very best, 5 hours.

I've tried Nova launcher, disabling GPS, battery doctor, etc.. but the problem seems to be related to the wifi and 4G network.

The phone does not stay on "wifi" even at home, the "4G":sign keeps going on and off constantly, and this is something that I did not experience while in the US.

The phone overheats terribly as well.

So, I have the following questions/issues with which I could use your help:

- When I disable the mobile data, in an attempt to reduce battery consumption, it does not stay off, it goes back on by itself, do you know how could I fix it?

- Do you know how to uninstall the Tmobile built in stuff? And if it's worth it?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.