Never ending "Backup in Progress" and other problems


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Mar 18, 2014
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Recently whenever I press my home button the screen takes 3-4 seconds to load, I am regularly being thrown out of internet browsers and the keyboard often disappears when typing.

I have uninstalled all recent apps downloaded, cleared more memory space, ran anti virus and anti malware to no avail.

I was prepared to do a backup and then factory reset and have found that my HTC One is in a constant state up "backup in progress and options to change backup account and reset phone are greyed out.

Having looked around online I've found that others have had this problem but it doesn't seem as though anyone has found a solution.

Can anyone here offer any help please? All advice is much appreciated.


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Dec 6, 2011
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It sounds like you may be on the right track with the factory reset. As for the back up issue the only thing I can think of is try going straight there after restarting the phone. Power down, power up, go directly to backup and see if you can catch it before whatever takes over. If that doesn't work you may have to try a backup app like MyBackUp Pro or something from the Play Store. There are several there.

On a separate note anti virus and malware detectors for android are about worthless. I hope you didn't end up paying anything for any of that stuff. On the other side there is an app called AirPush on Play Store that will help you identify which apps have what permissions and can help you identify which apps send push notifications to your notification bar, if you were having that problem. However in general Android is very unlikely to have an actual virus due to each app being sandboxed and you having to allow permissions for what each app can do. So, it's always wise to read over the permissions and be aware of what you are allowing on your phone.