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Dec 20, 2012
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Do you want your phone to go into silent mode at the bedtime and reactivate when you wake up without you thinking about it or putting any efforts on it?

Do you want to rest without being bothered but you don?t want to miss any important call in the event of an emergency?

Do you want to keep your phone silent during a meeting but don?t want to miss the call from your boss?

And all this automatically?

The ?Don't wake me up - Call Controller? is what you need!


No more interruptions during meetings.

Always have a good night sleep.

No more missed important calls because your phone is muted!

?Call Controller? can keep your phone muted and simultaneously let the calls and SMSs from selected contacts (whitelist) to pass through.

?Emergency recognition? feature will recognize the emergency situations. If somebody is calling several times or sending you SMS to inform you about an emergency, ?Call Controller? will let the call or SMS pass through.

?SMS reply? will inform the caller with an SMS of your choice.
You can customize whitelist, ?Emergency recognition? and ?SMS reply? differently for each schedule.

?Quick sleep? window will let you activate the ?Call Controller? in the blink of an eye for urgent situations. You need just a moment to activate the ?Call Controller? before going into a meeting. Don?t worry about turning your ringer back on again after the meeting ends ? ?Call Controller? will take care of it for you.

You don?t need to manually activate ?Call Controller? each time. You can create unlimited number of schedules and ?Call Controller? will activate itself according to them.

Key Features in short:
- Modify contacts in whitelist which can override silent mode.
- ?Emergency recognition? recognizes important SMSs and persistent calls so you won`t miss an important event.
- ?Quick start? window can be used for urgent situations. You will be able to activate ?Call Controller? in the blink of an eye.
- You can use ?Nap mode? to set how many hours you don?t want to be interrupted. Also you can use ?Sleep mode? to set until what time you don?t want to be interrupted.
- For each day you can define different schedules. Just do it once and forget about it. ?Call Controller? will take care of the rest.
- Deactivate and reactivate schedules as you need them. You don?t have to delete and create them again.
- Reply calls with an SMS of your choice.
- Customize emergency words and text of the SMS reply as you want.
- Optimized user interface for your comfort.
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Aug 8, 2010
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Re: Smart Sleep - Never get disturbed again!

Can you explain the differences between your free version vs. Paid?

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Dec 20, 2012
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Re: Smart Sleep - Never get disturbed again!

I am very happy that you took time to check out Smart Sleep. There is absolutely no difference between paid and trial versions, all the features are included. Trial version is published additionally to try the application and see if you like it. It is limited to 7 days.

We are glad to receive your feedback or suggestions!

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